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Thoughts on optimizing our lives, finding purpose and reaching succces.

Success Diaries

Oray Colak Podcast

Podcast 01

Podcast 01: Stress & Pressure

We all experience the ups & downs of life. The question is then, how can we navigate through the tough times in the best possible way?

Podcast 02

Podcast 02: Excuses

We all have dreams and goals. But sometimes it's hard to take the responsibility we need to reach them. So how can we eliminate excuses to make those dreams come true?

Podcast 03

Podcast 03: Are you going to survive or thrive in 2024?

What actually differentiates those who successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions from others?

Podcast 04

Podcast 04: What's the big purpose behind your goal

Why it matters to have a purpose, and how to align it with our goals.

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